Dust to Dust

By M.C. Norris


Published by Bloodshot Books

RELEASE DATE: September 2017


On a dying farm, in a forsaken land, a boy with nothing to lose but his own young life runs afoul with a monstrous adversary. Call them revenants, consumptives, or the dark harbingers of the thunderbird, they spewed from beneath the wastelands to blacken the Kansas skies, and then slipped undetected amongst their human prey, infiltrating homes, churches, and even the local government, bent on seizing control over newfangled telephone line technology, and of course, slaking their lust for human blood.


During the worst years of the Dust Bowl era, bad luck just got a whole lot worse. A farming community lives in terror as the body count rises. Victims are snatched during the broad darkness of day, when the black dusters roll over and block out the sun. The hapless youngster becomes a prime target in the blood harvest, but this is one farm boy who ain't going down without a fight.

Mike Norris is an outstanding writer who explores non-traditional characters’ points of view. He gives these entities not only a voice, but succeeds in layering storylines so well that he ends up with a final product that is rich and multi-dimensional without alienating the reader.


Misty L. Gersely - Editor in Chief, Withersin



I don't know if he and Chuck Norris are related, but his stories kick enough ass that it wouldn't


surprise me.


Ben Phillips - Editor in Chief, Pseudopod

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