Publishing History & Praise

M.C. Norris is an active member of the Horror Writers’ Association, with nineteen published short stories, and seven novels to his credit: Krengel & the Krampusz (Severed Press, 2014), Deep Devotion (Severed Press, 2014), The Dread Owba Coo-Coo (Severed Press, 2014), God of the Dead (Severed Press, 2015), Falling Prey (Severed Press, 2015), Titan Wars: Rise of the Kaiju (Severed Press, 2017), and Dust to Dust (Bloodshot Books, TBA summer 2017)  The nineteen published short stories of M.C. Norris appear in a variety of magazines and anthologies, including: Withersin, Wrong World DVD, Brainharvest Magazine, Pseudopod, Dead Bait, and Malicious Deviance. Mike also won 5th in Chizine/Leisure Books 13th Annual Short Story Contest.



"Mike Norris is an outstanding writer who explores non-traditional characters’ points of view. He gives these entities not only a voice, but succeeds in layering storylines so well that he ends up with a final product that is rich and multi-dimensional without alienating the reader.”


Misty L. Gersley - Editor in Chief, Withersin


“Mike Norris is among the best of newer writers I've worked with in the last couple years. He has it all: tremendous energy and skill, incisor-sharp characters, acid-etched language and whiplash plots.”


Bill Hughes - Editor, Dred Magazine


“Mike Norris writes fast-paced attention grabbers that put the fun back into brutality. I don't know if he and Chuck Norris are related, but his stories kick enough ass that it wouldn't surprise me.”


Ben Phillips - Editor in Chief, Pseudopod


“Mike Norris's prose put you right into the action with dialogue that makes you feel like you're eavesdropping, with gritty descriptions that leap off the page and grab you by the throat!”


R. Scott McCoy - Editor, Necrotic Tissue


“Mike Norris deftly takes his readers without warning from the mundane to unexpected and disturbing places they won't easily forget.”


Jeff Cercone - Editor, Down in the Cellar

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