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01/24/17 - Book Release, New Book Contract, and an Upcoming Anthology


My sixth book, TITAN WARS: Rise of the Kaiju (Severed Press) hits Amazon today, and if you hadn't already heard the great news, I'm thrilled to have signed a contract with Bloodshot Books for my vampire novel set during the Dust Bowl era in western Kansas. DUST TO DUST will hit the shelves in late summer, 2017. Also in 2017, I'm honored to announce that my short story, "El Dentisto que Corta" will see its second reprint in a paperback anthology put out by Pseudopod (Escape Artists) that is intended to showcase their most popular stories from the last ten years. Big year!

06/25/15 - Behind the book, FALLING PREY 


My fifth book, FALLING PREY, is an experiment in writing that dares to defy a golden rule that states a book should have around four or less viewpoint characters, and it shouldn't jump around a great deal between those viewpoints. Typically, you switch viewpoint characters between chapters, or at a scene break within a chapter. FALLING PREY exploits dozens of viewpoint characters, for a mortality rate of 100%. My crazed idea was that a story supports itself, if the plot is rich enough (and this plot kicks ass). The reader is invited to piece the plot together through dozens of little snapshots into the same horrific ordeal, kind of like solving a puzzle, or just kick back and enjoy one hell of a bloodbath. This book is unique, fun, and unforgettable.

02/02/15 - Follow me on Twitter, FB, Goodreads... 


My virtual presence has expended into many new realms over the last six months.  Twitter is the most recent threshold crossed.  To me, Twitter feels like being shoved into a crowd with a bullhorn in your hand, and a bag of bugs tied over your head.  But, I'm getting the hang of it.  I am always launching signed book giveaways on Goodreads, and little contests on Facebook.  Don't miss out!  Look for M.C. Norris Author wherever you'd expect an author to be, and odds are you'll find me.


05/20/14 - Fourth Book Contract Signed - to be translated into German! 



Awoke this morning to a new contract with Severed Press, bringing the total to four novels sold in 2014.  They have hired me to write an apocalyptic book in the Kaiju genre, entitled VALLEY OF THE KINGS, where all of humanity will be pitted against enormous creatures spawned by a blood oath taken between an ancient nomadic tribe and an unearthly evil.  This book, which will be geared toward mature readers, at the publisher's request, will be translated into German, to satisfy a growing market for this genre, in Germany.  This is especially cool to me, being of Volga-German heritage.  I hope to do them proud. 


For the first time in twenty years, I believe that my dream of retiring as an author may actually happen.  I can smell the blood in the water, and I'm writing full-tilt.  It has been a long road, selling short stories to magazines and anthologies, working with writer's groups and critique groups, gradually honing a talent and building up my writing resume.  This year, it all finally happened.  I am so very grateful.


Thank you so much to Severed Press, to my fellow writers, editors, fans, and especially my family and friends who believed in me.  Buckle up.  This is happening. 

04/24/14 - CONTEST!!! 



Enter to win a free autographed paperback copy of each book, prior to release, by reserving a copy, anywhere on this site.  I will draw a winner from the reservations list, prior to each release, and I will personally send you a copy of the book.  Good luck, and thanks so much for your support! 

03/05/14 - Book Release Dates for fall, 2014 


Deep Devotion, by M.C. Norris (Severed Press, 2014 ): 09/01/14 (anticipated) 

- The Dread Owba Coo-Coo, by M.C. Norris (Severed Press, 2014): 09/01/14 (anticipated)

- Krengel & the Krampusz, by M.C. Norris (Severed Press, 2014): 11/01/14 (anticipated)

















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