Dad Tantrum

April 25, 2014

(written 2010)


The boy and I were running some errands together yesterday. I needed a few blank DVD cases, which proved harder to find than you’d think. We went to Walmart, Target and Sears, and we struck out three times. At the last stop, a guy in the entertainment section with huge cork earrings and a neck tattoo advised me to try Office Depot.  So, that’s exactly where we went. On the way there, I told the boy that if they didn’t have our DVD video cases, that I intended to throw a huge tantrum, right in the middle of the store.


"I'm going to fall down flat on my back and pound my heels against the floor, and scream really loud so that the whole store will stop and stare at me. I’m sorry, but it’s probably going to be very embarrassing for you. All of the people are going to stand there staring at me while I’m screaming, and they’ll probably look at you kinda funny and say, ‘I think maybe there’s something wrong with your dad, kid. He looks like kind of a weirdo.”


The boy considered this for a moment, shrugged, and sighed. “I’ll just tell ‘em that’s what my Dad does … when you don’t got video cases.”

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